Review- NOCTURNAL ANIMALS (2016, Tom Ford).

Nocturnal Animals was written and directed by Tom Ford, the acclaimed fashion designer turned film director, producer and writer. His debut film A Single Man, premiered in 2009 and features Collin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode and Nicholas Hoult and catapulted him into the world of film. It can be said that both Ford’s films portray the fashion designers subconscious flare to convey the narrative through the image. Nocturnal Animals lures us in and takes us into two opposing parallel worlds of fact and fiction. From the outset we becomes fixed on learning more about the fictional world portrayed through the screen rather than about Amy Adams seemingly perfect factual life. We are drawn in to feel both Adams emotionally taunted regret and at the same time we understand … feelings through his fictional story. However we are never granted permission to meet Gleganhaul in modern day time. This restricted thus thrusts us to learn about his character thorough his parallel world that exists as his novel. Just like parable, Glyegenhauls novel is filled with metaphorical narrative, symbolism and riddles – It is thorough this animated novel that we learn of Ford’s motives ion this dual storytelling. Ford’s film is not presented to us as Adams remorseful egret, but rather, Glyenhauls genius way of seeking revenge. It is thus through the pictures that we must learn for ourselves the lessons of life. In one particular scene Adams is surrounded by her own art, fat women put on show in a bid to shock its audiences.


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