Falun Gong Organ Harvesting in China



On my journey to work, my bus route drives past a stand whereby a gentleman and lady are regularly performing the rituals of Falun Gong. The stand is purposely positioned directly opposite the Chinese embassy, in London, where policemen stand holding guns and watching on at the couple’s peaceful protest. I was intrigued, at lunch, I decided to walk to the stand and talk to the gentleman about his protest. He described the atrocities that take place in China whereby the government wrongfully persecutes followers of the Falun Gong Buddhist movement.

Further to my horror, he shows me pictures of Falun Gong prisoners who have been executed and their organs harvested for wealthy westerners who are in need of organ transplants. I was in shock. This type of persecution, to me, seems barbaric and archaic, somewhat Nazi-like. I now understood that the couples peaceful protest are symbolic of their ability to practice the Tai-Chi, Falun Gong rituals freely in a capital city, opposite the Chinese embassy, without persecution or execution for their belief. Growing up in such a diverse country we become naive to the fact that other countries are still suffering under strictly run governments. In 1999 the Chinese communist party banned the practice of Falun Gong. As a result, thousands of Falun Gong followers have been detained in detention centres and labour camps where they are tortured and executed, usually without a trial and without a charge against them.

image2 (2).JPG

Similarities between Nazi Germany and the Chinese communist government have been realised. It has been suggested that the Chinese communist party fear the idea of there being a non-communist community of alternate believers.

Amnesty International confirms ‘the ‘top’ three executing countries in 2012 [were] China, Iran and Iraq – [which] are all guilty of issuing death sentences under circumstances that are far from transparent’ (Amnesty International).

‘China is the world’s most prolific executioner. But [the] use of the death penalty in the country is regarded as a state secret; we suspect, based on all the evidence we have, that thousands of people are executed in China every year’ (Amnesty International).


Many ex-prisoners have described the sheer horror they faced whilst imprisoned. One ex-prisoner Ms Zhang, who spoke with www.news.com.au, explains how she was repeatedly subjected to medical research testing, of which she believes were inflicted as a means of checking if her organs were in a ‘healthy condition’ to ‘harvest’.

The idea that an innocent human beings organs could be ‘harvested’ is barbaric and archaic. Take Ren Pengwu’s persecution below, this is not only tragic but clearly, families and victims are helpless. Help raise awareness by signing the petition with DAFOH at this link. 


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