‘Selfie’ Addiction -The Truth

The world has become a bitter place thanks to selfies. 

Our new understanding of one another comes from our social media presence. If you have zero social media presence your either a hippie undergoing a social media detox and drinking chai lattes or you’re a bit weird and the assumption would be that your probably a freak or boring!

These assumptions are beginning to manifest into unhealthy obsessions with how we are perceived or not perceived. Photography has never been such an important skill to have. The thousands of artsy fartsy pictures I have probably taken myself or barista art coffee cups and rows of flower pots at a farmers market is astounding and quite frankly, embarrassing.

I find myself becoming excited by the prospect of capturing a good photo moment. Rather than strolling through a food market, I will whip out my phone and take a picture of the ‘instagrammable’ food in front of me. This is just NOT right.  I am as bad as the next person when it comes to taking photographs for social media.

I think the selfie has become an art form of its own. Now that we have all evolved into avid photographers there is no excuse to not reach perfection when it comes to the selfie. The iPhones installation of a front facing camera has changed the ways in which we see and photograph ourselves. The selfie serves as a mirror, and, if that mirror can present you and look back at you in a flattering way, why on earth would you take a photo any other way?  Facebook live, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have all jumped on board with ‘selfie-taking’ promotion. The biggest promoter has become Snapchat who replenish daily selfie filters that can be shared across all social media platforms. Evidently, Snapchat is in collaboration with particular brands. By brands implementing themselves into the social media market of selfie taking, the selfie will only become infinitely more popular than it already is.


On a darker note, selfies have even caused for people to suffer from depression, OCD, anxiety, eating disorders and even death. The unreachable goal of perfectionism is simply becoming a default state of mind for most selfie-takers.

Worse of all is the fake selfie. When I say fake, I mean fake, as in it quite literally morphs your face to look more attractive. This is dangerous territory and I genuinely think this is the main reason for people to gain body dysmorphia – but, in the reverse. We all hear about photoshopped images of supermodels in magazines, but now regular selfie takers are also taken their chances and clicking away to picture a face that isn’t, in fact, real. A friend of mine recently uploaded a picture of herself, I thought ‘WOW, she’s looking amazing!’. However, I went past her on the bus and saw how completely different she looked to her recently uploaded a picture. Not that she looked bad! Just incredibly different. I genuinely felt sad, for her and for me, I believed her false image projection and she also clearly believes it and it evidently must make her feel good when she gains followers and likes. So why do we fuel this shallow selfie taking the trend of false imagery? Because we are all mere comparisons to one another on social media.



Now let’s take a look at the new genre of the selfie – The daredevil selfie.














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